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BlueTrek’s 5.9-gram Carbon is their latest Bluetooth 3.0 headset, constructed using carbon fiber to achieve a barely-there feel and extensive durability. BlueTrek, based out of Hong Kong, offers Mandarin, English, and Spanish dialogue that communicates with you as a notification system for device setup, incoming calls, and more. The Carbon is ready for any mobile device will Bluetooth abilities and offers an optimal experience when used along side an iPhone because of a battery monitor that is shown in the status bar of your iPhone so you never need to guess when your next charge will be. By far, the Carbon is one of the best light-weight Bluetooth headsets on the market and only holds you back $69.99 USD.

Carbon fiber was used to construct the Carbon, hence the name, but it isn’t just for looks, the carbon fiber adds durability to the ultra-thin and ultra-light headset whilst enhancing style. Normally carbon fiber is an expensive material and it is in this case, although the price of the headset won’t burn a hole in your pocket unless you are wearing pants soaked in kerosene. Setup of the phone just requires your selection of a language, English being the default, and then pairing of the device commences. Pairing the device to your mobile phone or even computer is simple, just turn the Carbon on and using your mobile phone or computer select the device and connect, once this process is done the Carbon is ready for use. The Carbon weighs only 5.9-grams because of the carbon fiber build providing a comfortable fit/feel. Most headsets are heavy and unless they fit very snug then you have to wear an ear hook, but the ear hook is optional with the Carbon because its lighter than a feather feel and four different-sized earpieces that come included with the headset.

When you aren’t using the headset it can easily be turned off using the on/off slider on the top of the device to save battery and then stow it away by clipping it to a shirt pocket using the included pen clip, which attaches to the device by sliding onto the slender length of the headset. Mechanical buttons make the headset much easier to use, they serve as a sort of insurance that everything is functioning properly. Most headsets are turned off remotely from the device they are connected to, but the Carbon offers an on/off slider to make sure that the device is off at all times outside of use. Also, headsets often require volume adjustment from the device connected, but the Carbon has a hardware button which can adjust the volume of the device and mute/unmute the device. A large answer button on the device serves as a mission control, the button necessary to answer calls from the headset and go through the initial setup of the device.

The Carbon uses NoiseLock technology to reduce background noise and eliminate wind or echo for users on both ends of a call. The headset speaker outputs clear audio from the call which is so crystal clear that is seems as if the person you are talking to is actually in-front of you. The Carbon’s microphone provides the same effect for the person on the other end of the call. NoiseLock’s noise cancellation is some of the best I have experienced and when I asked some friends on the other end of a call how they liked the clarity they gave the Carbon a two-thumbs up.

For VoIP users, the Carbon offers connectivity through applications such as Skype on your mobile phone and can even connect to Skype on Bluetooth ready computers.

Last but not least, the Carbon’s seemingly most useful feature, multipoint technology. Multipoint technology offers you a connection to two devices at one moment so that if you have a work and a personal phone, the Carbon is connected to both so you can make and answer to calls on both devices as well as transfer yourself between calls on either of the devices. Connecting to multiple devices at once was the icing on the cake for the Carbon, it already had so much to brag about and yet it brought more to the table.

The Carbon has exceptional performance and is available at a price considered a deal in the Bluetooth headset market, only $69.99 USD. The Carbon is the first headset to use carbon fiber thanks to the use of patent pending technologies that allowed for the use of the material on the device. The Carbon is built to last, withstanding drop tests from heights of 6-feet and lasting an average of 24-hours of standby use on a full charge. BlueTrek’s Carbon is considerably the best looking and lightest headset on the market, but even if not so it would still be the runner-up.

Rating: ★★★★★